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Coordinating Resources to Create Positive Change

The Community Foundation of Osceola County was formed in 2005 to coordinate and provide philanthropic support for community betterment projects in Osceola County.  The foundation receives, accepts, and distributes funds for educational, cultural, civic, and charitable purposes for the benefit of the greater community of Osceola County, Iowa.  Our goals are to assist qualified organizations through grant distributions, encourage individual and corporate involvement through gifts and bequests, and to administer and invest funds for the creation of perpetual opportunities and services.  The foundation is made up of community minded individuals who have the ability to assess community needs, implement asset development, evaluate area grant applications, encourage partnerships and initiate activities to enhance Osceola County.  Each year the foundation makes grant awards to worthwhile projects located in the county that are identified through a community grants application process.  Our foundation's areas of emphasis include:

● Art & Cultural Needs  ● Community and Economic Well Being Needs

● Health Needs  ● Human Services Needs  ● Recreation Needs  ● Environment Needs

● Technology Needs